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Auditions: Willy Wonka Shadowcast

Directed by Joan Elizabeth

Show Date: December 8, at 7:30 PM

Age Range Required: adults and children 11+ are welcome; however, parents of any children interested in auditioning please be aware the movie, though considered family-friendly, contains some dark and mildly disturbing thematic content. Discretion is advised.

Acting Experience Required: no previous experience is necessary. In fact, a shadowcast is a great way to get your feet wet if you are interested in getting on stage for the first time!

Appropriate Attire: comfortable clothing and shoes, something you can move in.

Before You Ask: We are shadowcasting the 1971, Gene Wilder version of the movie. The “real” one. 🙂

What’s A Shadowcast: simply put, a shadowcast mimics the action going on in the film while the movie plays on a large screen behind them. Many who are unfamiliar with the concept are unsure what to expect when coming to see a shadowcast production for the first time. While the concept has been immortalized by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, having been performed by troupes internationally for decades now, following suit with different movies is still a relatively new and experimental idea. You may wonder “why not just show the movie?” Well, what we’ve found is that the shadowcasts provide actors with a dynamic, challenging format to play and stretch their physical acting capabilities while breathing new life into the movies we love and giving theatergoers a truly interactive experience. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! At Insomniac, we like to think of it as us acting out our favorite movies for our friends. This will be our third shadowcast with the first two being JAWS and Jurassic Park.

What to Expect: Actors will NOT be asked to read from the movie script or to prepare a monologue, as there is no spoken dialogue in the stage production, only lip-synching to match the characters onscreen. The same goes with singing, as Willy Wonka is a musical (yes, you read that right. You will NOT be asked to sing). Auditioners will, however, be asked to play a series of theatre games, which will require interaction with each other onstage. This is to get a feel for where everyone is as far as physical acting, but also to get actors playing and thinking outside the box. A shadowcast is a thoroughly creative process from start to finish, and input is not only welcome, but often necessary from cast members in giving the production its own unique spin.

Please note: casting will be gender-blind and age will be taken into consideration contingent upon the number and age of auditioners. In other words, if enough kids turn out, we will do our best to fill the children’s roles in the film accordingly. If, however, not enough kids show up, adults will likely be cast in the children’s roles across the board. On the day of auditions, there will be a space on your audition form to specify your comfort levels with this, and any disinterest you express in taking a role for any reason will not preclude you from auditioning or being cast.

Roles Available: 

Willy Wonka

The Kids:

Charlie Bucket

Augustus Gloop

Violet Beauregarde

Veruca Salt

Mike Teevee

The Parents:

Grandpa Joe

Mrs. Gloop

Mr. Beauregarde

Mr. Salt

Mrs. Teevee

6-8 ensemble roles will be available in addition, and each ensemble actor will play numerous parts throughout the show, including puppeteering the Oompa Loompas. There are numerous supporting characters in the movie, so needless to say, the ensemble will be busy pretty much nonstop! Principles may also be asked to fill certain supporting roles as well, depending on need for actors.

November 06 2017


Date: November 6, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: Free
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